Unlike others in local government, economic development or private property development, Stowe has created vibrant communities by leading the creation of a new town center before the Great Recession in 2008 and the revitalization of an existing downtown during and after the recession.

We use our unique experience and perspectives in economic development and community-building to help our clients achieve their own community legacy.

A failed start, a missed opportunity or a bad strategic decision will negatively affect a local government’s ability to create the environment and market for its desired vision. These mistakes can cost millions, eroding political capital and creating citizen dissatisfaction.

Helping city officials build a legacy for their community requires a consultant who understands how to take complicated projects from idea-to-completion. and can serve as a link between the public and private sectors, creating the necessary public-private partnerships for success in today’s post-recession environment.

We are those consultants.

We will gather and lead a team of exceptional real estate and community development experts to transform downtowns, higher education campuses, and communities into bold new possibilities for the future.