Stowe Development & Strategies (SDS) and its sub-consultants completed its initial work in December 2020 which included the following:

  • Assisted WSDOT in preparing a report of TOD barriers, opportunities, and legislative changes needed to produce a viable project on state owned land.
  • Prepared a financial analysis for the proposed TOD.
  • Create several viable TOD concepts to guide future development.
  • Recommended regulations to provide flexibility, increase the number of potential development proposals, and provide more market viability to a future Kingsgate TOD when a formal Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and Request for Proposals (RFP) for the project are developed/released.
  • Develop the RFQ and RFP process for recruiting, selecting and evaluating future development proposals including the scope of work, procurement documents, proposed dynamic development schedule, list of due diligence items, and draft term sheet to guide future development negotiations.

SDS is working collaboration with WSDOT, City of Kirkland, Sound Transit, King County Metro, and ARCH (A Regional Coalition for Housing) to create a model for future transit oriented developments on State owned property. The proposed TOD has been designed with the goal of achieving significant affordable housing along with supporting multimodal transportation infrastructure provide multiple public benefits, including maintaining parking capacity for transit riders, and adding market rate housing, and commercial development. The project also incorporates an increase in parking capacity facilitated by the construction of a Sound Transit parking garage.

SDS is currently working with WSDOT on the implementation phase for the TOD with a RFQ and RFP anticipated in 2021.

Location/Client: Washington State Department of Transportation, Kirkland, Washington.

Project Team: Via Architecture; Leland Consulting Group; Fehr & Peers; McKee Appraisal; RLB Robinson; and Tilt Analytics.