Our goal was to produce the best opportunity to obtain the most commuter parking for the least cost to Mercer Island taxpayers.

We conducted the site selection process that ultimately led to the City selecting two properties near the light rail station. Stowe led the negotiations to sell one property owned by the City in exchange for the buyer and developer providing commuter parking back to the City under a perpetual easement and parking agreement. We then led a second negotiation for the City to buy a privately-owned property next to the public right of way that, when they’re combined,  provides enough space for a second commuter parking facility.  We developed a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to find  interested, experienced, and capable developers to design and build:

  • a City-owned below-ground commuter parking facility for the future light rail station.
  • a mixed-use development above the parking structure based on the City’s Town Center vision and code.

The RFQ attracted the interest of nine qualified development teams that enabled the City to identify a preferred development team to create a desirable, specific, feasible development plan that can be implemented through a Public-Private Partnership.

The City contemplates owning or controlling the below ground commuter parking spaces to be built by a developer, and the developer will own and operate the mixed-use development.

Location/Client:  City of Mercer Island, Washington.