The Master Plan foresees a flourishing economic center that attracts visitors and businesses from around the world. New development in the Village will create many more revenue sources to elevate the quality of life of its people. The Village will have a mix of land uses comprising family entertainment, office campuses, shopping, restaurants and housing (close by but outside the Village) to support a thriving community.

The Master Plan articulates a vision for the Village’s future and lays out how to realize that vision. It also spells out how to orchestrate more government and private investment in the Village.

Future development must continue to focus on sustainability. The Tulalip Tribes believe that everything and everyone on this planet is connected in some way, so they’ve been environmental stewards of the land for thousands of years. The Tribes are also sensitive to future needs, so they follow the concept of 7th Generation Sustainability – that is, to live, work and make critical decisions to ensure a green community for the benefit of those living 140 years from now.

Location/Client: Ouil Ceda Village, Washington.

Contributors: Makers Architecture & Urban Design; Hoban Reality and Coast Group of Companies; Donna Esplen – Design