Under Bob’s leadership, this project stimulated private  investment of over $300 million, a very big step in achieving the City’s 25-year goal of $650 million. The fact that nearly half that goal was reached in just a few years, during the Great Recession, and with leverage from public/private collaboration, made it all the more remarkable.

One of the catalyst developments within Bothell’s Downtown transformation was the siting of a multi-use complex anchored by a McMenamins hotel, with restaurants, pubs, theater, and a pool and spa on former City owned property.  Bob recruited and negotiated the purchase and sale agreement, the development agreement and public benefit agreement between the City and McMenamins that allowed this unique catalytic development to locate in Bothell. That one strategic deal transformed Bothell’s downtown and drove its growth strategy to early and sustained success.

Bob viewed every purchase and sale and development agreement as an opportunity for a public-private partnership. This innovative structure created the interest and capital necessary to transform Bothell’s historic downtown into an exciting and vibrant mixed-use development.

Location/Client: City of Bothell, Washington